(The Banqueting Office)

Receptionist : Good morning, sir. May I help you ?

Guest : Yes, I'm guest here in the hotel, and I want to show a promotional video to some clients of mine. You see, I work for IBM, and on the 13th of this month, I will be expecting around ine hundred people to come to see the video and discuss business.

Receptionist : Yes, sir. I think we can arrange everything for you, but you will have to make arrangements with the banqueting office.

Guest : I see.

Receptionist : Will there be anything else, sir ?

Guest : I'll want to show some slides, too.

Receptionist : The banqueting office has everything-a conference room video screen, slide and video projetors, white board, flip charts...

Guest : What about simultaneous translators ?

Receptionist : Yes, we have three professional interpreters who simultaneous interpretation.

Guest : Very good. I didn't know this hotel had such good facilities.

Receptionist : We try to do our best. For banqueting and conferences, we can handle up to eight hunder guest at a time.

Guest : By the way, where is the banqueting office ?

Receptionist : It's straight ahead and to the left. You cannot miss it.

Guest : Thank you very much.

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