Receptionist:Reception. May I have you ?

Guest:Yes,This is George Simon in 307. The room we are in too noisy. I'd like to change rooms.

Receptionist:Would you hold on a monent, please? I'll check which rooms are vacant... Are you still on the line, Mr.Simon?

Guest:Yes, I'm still on the line.

Receptionist:I suggest 337 which is very quiet. It has a lovely view of the garden.

Guest:I'd rather be on the first floor. My wife does not like being up high.

Receptionist:I am terribly sorry. Mr. Simon. All the rooms on the first floor are occupied because we are now in high season.

Guest:That's too bed.

Receptionist:Could I suggest 207? It has an excellent view of the swimming pool.

Guest:Could I see 207 first?

Receptionist:Certainly, sir Iwill send the bellboyto your room with the key.

Guest:Thank you very muxh, Ms.

Receptionist:If you like 207, Mr Simon, the bellboy can transfer your luggage immediately.

Guest:That would be very helpful. Good-bye.
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